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Zhangjiagang yuan yuan textile Co., Ltd. is one of the main manufacturers and exporters of fancy yarns in China.IN 2008,WE HAVE GOT THE EUROPES OEKO-TEXT--STANDARD 100 CERTIFICATION. 
We have been in these fields for about 18 years.
we are a long-term supplier for many well-known textile dealers from Europe and Americas . 

We can produce various kinds of blended yarn, 100% woolen knitted wool, knitted yarn, roving yarn, TT yarn,organic cotton yarn, bamboo fiber, belt yarn,viscose yarn, wool yarn, Loop Yarns; Neckline Yarns; Pigtail Yarns; feather yarn, tape yarn, tubular yarn, slub yarn, plied yarn,Knot Yarns; eyelash yarn, chenille yarn, wave yarn, tail yarn, sewed yarn, compound yarn and rainbow yarn.